Inter-Country visit to Norway

Inter-Country visit to Norway

Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Poland, Prof. Maciej Nowak from the Loyola University Chicago, had the opportunity to visit Trondheim, Norway at the invitation of the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. Prof. Nowak’s travel costs were covered by the Inter-Country Travel Grant, intended to support short visits by American Fulbright scholars at European higher education institutions, student organizations and non-profits.

Here’s a short summary by Prof. Nowak:

I recently had the pleasure to take advantage of a Fulbright Inter-Country Travel Grant as I was invited for a visit by the Department of Industrial Economics and Technology Management at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) in Trondheim.  The Inter-Country Travel Grant is intended to further develop your understanding of academic institutions within Europe, to allow you to present your research to a broader audience outside of your host country and to ultimately fulfill one of the main objectives of the Fulbright Program, strengthening international academic relationships.  I have had the opportunity to take part in two visits, one to Germany and most recently to Norway, and I can attest that this program does a fantastic job of accomplishing all of those objectives.

During my visit to NTNU, I had the opportunity to hear about the research that the PhD students and faculty are conducting, present one area of my research in a seminar to the department, and spend time in conversation with numerous faculty discussing academics in Norway, the U.S., Poland and beyond.  Through these discussions, I learned of a stream of research that they have recently started that I am very interested in, leading to a concrete plan to collaborate on an extension of this research.  They also learned of a center that we started at Loyola focused on industry collaboration and I expect that they will benefit from our experiences as they now intend to create a similar center.

In addition to these outcomes, the visit was also a fantastic opportunity to explore a beautiful campus community, experience a different culture, and develop international bridges that are already leading to fulfilling academic partnerships and, ultimately, friendships.  The Fulbright program already offers so many fantastic opportunities for us to experience the culture of our host country, the Inter-Country Travel Grant is a great bonus that facilitates extending those experiences throughout Europe.