Competition opens on April 1, 2017

Awards are offered for 9 to 10 months. They are granted through a competition open to students and alumni of U.S. higher education institutions to conduct research projects at higher education institutions, research institutes, Polish Academy of Science units, international scientific institutes and other scientific units, educational, governmental, cultural and medical institutions, as well as governmental and non-governmental research organizations in Poland.

Applications are accepted from candidates from all fields. For further information please visit Fulbright U.S. Student Program.

Grant offer

  • Monthly stipend
  • Travel allowance for grantee’s round trip to Poland;
  • One-off relocation and settling-in allowance;
  • One-off conference allowance available upon request;
  • One-off research allowance;
  • Monthly allowance for a dependent family member, provided that s/he accompanies the grantee for at least 80% of the grant period and was listed as a dependent in the Embark application.
  • Limited health care benefit plan for the grantee.

Goal of the grant

During the stay at the host institution, the grantee carries out a project proposed in his/her application and accepted by the host institution and/or the Fulbright Commission.

General rules and formal criteria

Individuals eligible to apply:

  1. Are U.S. citizens (green card holders are not eligible to apply);
  2. Have not resided outside the United States for 5 or more consecutive years in the six-year period preceding the date of application. A candidate who has lived outside of the United States for 9 months (or more) during a calendar year is deemed to have resided abroad for that year. Additionally, preference is given to those candidates who have not had substantial recent experience outside the United States, especially in Poland, which is defined as a period aggregating more than an academic year (9 months) during the past 5 years. Duty abroad in the U.S. Armed Forces does not apply in this section;
  3. Hold a degree which is, at a minimum, equivalent to the Polish licencjat/inzynier degree, e.g. bachelor’s degree, before the start of the grant;
  4. Do not hold a doctoral degree at the time of application.

Grant application

In order to take part in the competition the candidate must timely submit a complete grant application to IIE in line with the currently applicable requirements of the Fulbright U.S. Student Program (available at the Fulbright Scholar Program website administered by IIE). Information on the required application documents and application submission procedures is provided by IIE.

Competition Procedure

The competition procedure consists of the following stages:

STAGE 1: IIE performs a formal check of applications and assembles a committee to review the applications. IIE selects the best candidates and recommends them to the Fulbright Commission, providing a list of candidates with full documentation for further evaluation process. The list of candidates recommended by IIE is concurrently sent for FFSB’s approval.

STAGE 2: Fulbright Commission’s staff performs preliminary evaluation of the applications. The list of candidates recommended for interviews is presented to the Board.

STAGE 3: Selection Committee holds interviews with candidates in the English language. Candidates are evaluated in accordance with the established evaluation criteria.

Program Officer