2017-18 American Fulbrighters received diplomas

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The graduation ceremony for American Fulbright grantees 2017-18 was held on June 8 at the Tyszkiewicz-Potocki Palace in Warsaw.

The event conducted by Justyna Janiszewska, Executive Director of the Polish-U.S Fulbright Commission, was attended by representatives of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, and the US Embassy, Board Members, academic staff of numerous Polish universities, and Polish alumni of the Fulbright Program.

The official part of the ceremony, during which Dr Aleksander Dańda (Director of the Department of Science at the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission) and John C. Law (Deputy Chief of Mission of the US Embassy in Warsaw) gave their speeches, was followed by the performance of Pamela Howland who played 2 piano compositions and – joined by a choir comprising other grantees – the song An Irish Blessing.

For more information on the award ceremony, please visit the website of the US Embassy.