Since the inauguration of the Fulbright Program in 1946, over 400,000 people worldwide have benefited from scholarships, taking part in academic exchanges between the USA and other countries. In Poland, where the Program has been operating since 1959, the number of alumni is already over 5 000 (3 000 Poles and 2 000 Americans). The community of Fulbrighters is growing every year, and its ranks are joined by successive, prominent scientists – lecturers, representatives of the business world, the government sector, as well as of non-governmental organizations, media, culture and the arts.

Are you a Fulbright alumnus/alumna?

  • Join the Facebook group ( and / or the Fulbrighter ( to stay in touch with other alumni.
  • Help promote our scholarship offer by providing information to interested persons.
  • Support the Commission in the process of selecting candidates for the scholarship through expert review of applications and participation in the work of the Selection Committee.
  • Become a Fulbright Ambassador to be the face of the Fulbright Program in your region and have the opportunity to organize local events.
  • Support the Commission during pre-departure orientation for upcoming cohorts of Fulbrighters – this is an opportunity to share your experience of staying in Poland.
  • Get involved in a mentoring program as a mentor or as a facilitator of training sessions for younger colleagues.
  • Join our networking and professional development events in Poland (we send invitations by e-mail – let us know if you are not on our contact list!).
  • Conduct a project through Pamela Howland Fund for cross-cultural musical connections.

Testimonials from our alumni

Patricia Radkowski

I cannot recommend Fulbright Poland highly enough. As cliché as it sounds, any extended…

Samuel Hasty

Part of what makes Fulbright so amazing is not just the lessons you learn, and the culture…

Kendall Kartaly

My expectations have changed since coming to Poland, particularly with some of the cultural…

Looking for Fulbright alumni?

If you are looking for Fulbright alumni from the recent years – the search engines provided below will allow you to search by different criteria, such as name and surname, field of study or host institution.


In this database you will find alumni of Fulbright U.S. Scholar and Visiting Scholar programs, such as Fulbright Senior Award and U.S. Scholar Award.

Polish students

In this database you will find alumni of the Fulbright Visiting Student programs, such as Graduate Student Award and Junior Research Award.

American students

In this database you will find alumni of the Fulbright Student programs, such as US Student and English Teaching Assistant.

Alumni associations

The Polish Fulbright Alumni Association (PFAA) was established in 1993 in Warsaw. It is open only to Polish alumni of the Fulbright Program. The aim of the Association is to build on its educational and social resources and to conduct its activities in a manner consistent with the mission of the Program. Although it is created exclusively for Polish alumni, the PFAA does advise U.S. Fulbrighters about professional and personal life in Poland. It was also the association that requested President Lech Walęsa to award Senator Fulbright with Poland’s highest honor for a foreigner: the Order of Merit of the Republic of Poland.

The Alumni Association was established in 2006 and is open to alumni of all exchange programs and study visits sponsored by the U.S. government, including the Fulbright Program. The goal of the Alumni Association is to promote understanding between Poland and the United States, provide networking opportunities, and support members’ professional and personal development. Members can establish new contacts through meetings with American experts and representatives of the U.S. government, community service projects, cultural events, workshops, seminars, conferences, and debates

Fulbright Diversity Collective connects member organizations and initiatives (established by Fulbright alumni), which work towards highlighting diverse Fulbrighters’ experience worldwide, as well as increasing representation within the Fulbright Program.

Members include: Fulbright Prism, Fulbright Noir, Fulbright Access, Fulbright Families, Fulbright HBCU, Fulbright Latinx, Fulbright Lotus and Fulbright Salam.

Established in 1977, the Fulbright Association represents 140,000 U.S. alumni of the Fulbright Program and friends of international education. Through 54 local chapters, the Fulbright Association hosts more than 230 regional and national programs each year for visiting Fulbrighters and alumni throughout the United States and worldwide. Programs include educational events, career development seminars, music and art presentations, networking events, volunteer activities, and more.

Fulbright Chronicles

Fulbright Chronicles is a new, independent, peer-reviewed periodical founded and edited by Fulbrighters. The journal provides a welcoming space for Fulbrighters to share their work with a broad audience. It encourages Fulbrighters to write thoughtful, accessible articles that reflect on their Fulbright experiences, or that comment on contemporary issues that affect the Fulbright program or cultural and educational exchange more broadly.

Fulbright Split Screen

Fulbright Split Screen is a blog created by Fulbright commissions around the world. Fulbright Split Screen demonstrates the combination of scientific excellence and social commitments that Fulbright programs cultivate globally for the last 75 years. The writers demonstrate how much international sharing of knowledge, data, and original ideas is necessary to overcome global problems and how essential it is to invest in exchange programs. The articles reflect the private opinions of Fulbright alumni – researchers and teachers, scientists, designers, educators and intellectuals – from a variety of geographical and disciplinary perspectives.

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