Fulbright alumni Art Auction

As part of the anniversary-year celebrations, the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission organized our very first Art Auction featuring ten works of art generously donated by Fulbright artists. The Auction took place on site during the Jubilee Gala on November 29, 2019, as well as online at Charytatywni Allegro.

We are thrilled to announce that all of the artworks have been sold and we have raised almost 17,000 PLN! All proceeds from the Auction will be allocated towards financing one Fulbright grant in the field of the Arts in the 2020-21 academic year. Thanks to the generous support of our Fulbright artists who donated their artworks, and friends of the Program who purchased them, one artist will have the resources to develop their artistic vision as a new member of the Fulbright community. We are beyond grateful to everyone who kindly contributed to the Auction and joined this cause. Thank you!

The Fulbright Art Auction was also a fantastic opportunity for us to share and promote our Fulbright artists’ unique perspectives. Each of the ten artworks represents a different field including painting, graphic arts, photography and sculpture, and carries a different story. If you have missed our #FulbrighterzyDlaFulbrighta (FulbrightersForFulbright) social-media campaign, which accompanied the Auction and would like to learn more about our talented artists and the donated artworks, we encourage you to take a look at the Fulbright Art Auction catalog below.