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We are pleased to inform that two of our Fulbrighters, Dr. Marek Postuła and Dr. Hanna Mamzer, have contributed their texts to Fulbright Split Screen. 

Fulbright Split Screen is a blog created by Fulbright commissions around the world. The blog provides a platform for fresh thinking about the challenges the Covid-19 epidemic poses, reflecting on the challenging relationship between technology, science and society. At the same time Fulbright Split Screen demonstrates the combination of scientific excellence and social commitments that Fulbright programs cultivate globally for the last 75 years. The writers demonstrate how much international sharing of knowledge, data, and original ideas is necessary to overcome global problems and how essential it is to invest in exchange programs. The articles reflect the private opinions of Fulbright alumni – researchers and teachers, scientists, designers, educators and intellectuals – from a variety of geographical and disciplinary perspectives.

Marek Postuła discusses the price doctors and medical professionals have to pay during the current coronavirus pandemic while Hanna Mamzer examines the changing nature of human relationships.

You can read their texts and other contributions from Fulbrighters worldwide by clicking HERE.