#JestemFulbrighterem 2021 – third edition in a nutshell

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Jestem Fulbrighterem concluding graphic

Dear All,

A lot has been happening in the past two months. Dozens of posts with graphics, five threads: #Czywieszze (#Didyouknow), #3Pytaniado (#3questionsTo), #KomisjaodKuchni (#CommissionBackstage), #AlumniFriday, #PoniedzialekzFulbrighterem (#MondaywithFulbrighter) and hundreds of hashtags, comments and likes.

We have recently concluded the third edition of #JestemFulbrighterem, a two-month social media campaign during which you had a chance to learn more about us and our initiatives, including a little bit about the Commission backstage 😉, and we were able to learn more about you. This year’s edition was special because the Fulbright Program celebrates its 75th anniversary! On this occasion, we encouraged you to send special wishes to Fulbright, which you could publish in your comments. Thank you to those of you who had the courage to join this call for action!

Thank you for all the photos you sent us, as well as information about your interests, research achievements, plans and experiences with Fulbright grants. It allowed us to share your stories as part of this campaign, as well as present them on our website. And most of all, it was heartwarming to see how many of you have added a special #Fulbright75 frame to your Facebook profile pictures. We are thrilled that you wanted to share with others that you are a part of the Fulbright community.

All of the information with #JestemFulbrighterem hashtag were available on Fulbright Poland social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. We know that not all of you follow us on social media so we prepared a brief summary of this campaign to inspire you to check out our profiles in the future. And for those of you who do so, this summary is a reminder of the variety of posts that will allow you to relive all these experiences. 

Are you ready? Let us begin. 😊 

Special #Fulbright75 frames added to Facebook profile pictures – we can see that you really liked these. Right after we had communicated that this is an option, they appeared on your profiles. For those of you who haven’t had a chance to try it out yet, you can go to your profile picture, click on “Add frame”, search the frame by typing in #Fulbright75 – and you are all set! We encourage you to do so – the 75th anniversary celebrations are still happening. 😊

#Czywieszże (#Didyouknow) is a thread that presents some of the most important events in the Fulbright Program’s operation in Poland and worldwide, as well as its key values including what attracts crowds of passionate and talented men and women from different countries and with different cultural backgrounds. Through our infographics, you could learn that the Fulbright Program is committed to diversity, equity and inclusion and supports each and every one of our Fulbrighters; find out how many people belong to the Fulbright community worldwide, and how many of them are Nobel Prize and Pulitzer Prize laureates; as well as learn that Poland was the first country in Central-Eastern Europe to join the Fulbright Program.

#3Pytaniado (#3questionsTo) are selected stories shared by our new Fulbrighters who are about to embark on their Fulbright journey in AY 2021-22. Their stories are filled with inspiring content and we are proud of who they are and what they bring to the program. For many, this thread is a manifestation of belonging to the Fulbright community and a great opportunity to announce “I am a Fulbrighter”!

#KomisjaodKuchni (#CommissionBackstage) are stories, through which you were able to get to know us, the Commission staff, a little bit better. You saw what we do after hours and “backstage,” how we spend our weekends and where we go on holidays. Every other Saturday we shared with you our book recommendations, what to watch, play or where to go to get some rest. This thread has generated the highest number of your comments (especially the episode about video games and tv shows). 😉

And this it it. 😉 We hope that you enjoyed this campaign and also got to know the program a little bit better. See you all next year (we are already thinking about the next edition), and if you miss us, please keep checking our social media platforms where we invite you to join our events, inform you about our programs, application deadlines and many other initiatives. We are also sharing your achievements and experiences in i.e. our regular threads #PoniedziałekzFulbrghterem and #AlumniFriday. Write to us, comment, share our posts and please remember that we are here for you! 

We wish you lots of inspiration and success in implementing your own plans in the coming months.