#JestemFubrighterem 2020 – our social media campaign in a nutshell!

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On the verge of summer holidays, we concluded the second edition of #JestemFulbrighterem social media campaign. As was the case last year, these two moths have been a fantastic opportunity for us to tell you all about our activities – our history, values and programs. Most importantly, however, it was a unique time to get to know you more and celebrate with you our shared belonging to the Fulbright community. We are beyond grateful for your engagement in this campaign: Sending us your pictures, dozens of #JestemFulbrighterem profile picture frames, extraordinary stories about your Fulbright experience, as well as sharing with us your research plans and dreams. During the lockdown when working from home has become our daily life, we missed what we enjoy the most – meeting with you in person on various occasions. This is why this year’s campaign has brought us an extra amount of joy and positive energy. We are hoping that we were able to spread these cheerful moments among those of you who followed the campaign on our social media channels!

Would you like to make sure that you didn’t miss anything? Or maybe you are not following our platforms and you have no idea what we have been up to in these past couple of months? If so, we have prepared a cheat sheet for you so you can get a sense of some of our activities. But make sure to immerse yourselves in the full #JestemFulbrighterem experience by visiting our social media platforms: @FulbrightPolska on Facebook and @FulbrightPoland on Instagram and Twitter. You can check out our photo album or browse our profiles by typing the hashtag of the thread you would like to explore. We promise that you will find even more pictures, fun facts and stories. Attention – below we are only presenting a limited selection of all of our activities! 🙂

#JestemFulbrighterem #JestemFulbrighterką photos

We absolutely love seeing your pictures! Even though our campaign has come to a close, we would still appreciate it if you could share your photos with the hashtag #JestemFulbrighterem on your social media or send them our way at [email protected]

#JestemFulbrighterem photo

Profile picture frames

We are thrilled that our idea of creating a Facebook profile picture frame has met such an enthusiastic response from our Fulbrighters. It was a pleasure to see how many of you decided to put it on your profile pictures! You can still set it up by hovering over your profile picture and typing our hashtag #JestemFulbrigterką #JestemFulbrighterem.

#JestemFulbrighterem frame
#JestemFulbrighterem profile frame 2

#Czywieszże #Didyouknow thread

Did you know how many Fulbrighters there are worldwide? Or how many Fulbright programs are currently available in Poland? In #czywieszże #didyouknow thread, we presented some facts related to these and other questions.

#JestemFulbrighterem czy wiesz ze 1
#JestemFulbrighterem #czy wiesz ze 2

#FulbrightAuthors thread

Were you aware that the list of renowned Fulbrighters includes award-winning authors, such as Rita Dove, John Steinbeck, Sylvia Plath and Ursula K. Le Guin? It was a pleasure and pure joy to be able to discover on our bookshelves some notable works written by Fulbright alumni.

#JestemFulbrighterem #FulbrightAuthors
#JEstemFulbrighterem #FulbrightAuthors

#3pytaniaDo #3questionsTo thread

This is probably our favorite thread. Why? Because we had a chance to present several profiles of our incoming Fulbrighters that include their motivation to apply for a Fulbright grant, research interests, as well as their plans and dreams for their future academic and professional careers. We’ve been showered with a great dose of diverse experiences so if you haven’t read these yet – make sure to catch up!

#JestemFulbrighterem Kłosowicz


Last but not least, our playlist with musical pieces composed and performed by our Polish and American Fulbrighters, as well as Fulbrighters from around the world. Thinking of you, we had selected some tracks that burst with positive energy. We are hoping that this playlist has kept you company during the lockdown and that it has sweetened some of your afternoons. If you haven’t listened to it yet, we highly encourage you to do so here: https://bit.ly/2zg5Gl2

#JestemFulbrighterem #FubrightMusicians

Phew… we are almost done, though not really – so much has been happening recently! Please remember that even though we concluded our #JestemFulbrighterem campaign, we keep actively using our social media platforms. Every week, we are sharing lots of information about current and upcoming events, programs, calls for applications, achievements of our alumni and many more. Each Monday – as part of #PoniedziałekzFulbrighterem thread – we’re sharing interesting research, interviews, articles and films that include our Fulbrighters. And each Friday – as part of our #AlumniFriday thread – you can watch video stories or read written testimonials in which our alumni talk about their Fulbright experience. So, if you would like to keep up with what’s going on at the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission and find out more about some other Fulbright initiatives more broadly, make sure to follow us on social media! 🙂