Media closer to people – let’s start!

  • Natalia Kozłowska
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As a part of our activities carried out thanks to Special Congressional Appropriation Fulbright Poland started a partnership with the Local Newspapers Association (a Polish NGO). The matter of the partnership is to carry out a joint project “Media closer to people” targeted at local media journalists as well as the local media audience. The aim of the project is to support the local media in better communicating with their online audience and educate their audience about safe use of the Internet and modern technologies.

The first regional training during the project took place in Duszniki-Zdrój (a town close to Czech border) on November 15-16. During 2 days of training 20 participants (local media journalists and publishers from south-western Poland) listened to presentations and took part in discussions on such matters as how to increase readers’ trust in local media, how to better attract the audience via internet and help boost their online engagement (moderate discussions, increase social media profile).Thanks to two trainers – Piotr Łokuciejewski, web marketing expert and Beata Biel, journalist and media expert & trainer, 14 local newspapers teams (Nowa Gazeta Lokalna, Strzelec Opolski, Kurier Gmin, Gazeta Powiatowa – Wiadomości Oławskie, Gazeta Lokalna Kutna i Regionu, Rzecz Krotoszyńska, Nowiny Raciborskie, Nowiny Wodzisławskie, Wieści Wolbromskie, Wieści Miechowskie, Tygodnik lokalny „Życie Gostynia”, Nowa Gazeta Trzebnicka, Gazeta Noworudzka, Gazeta Ząbkowicka) received a great deal of knowledge, many recommendations and practical tips, which they are already introducing into their everyday practice.

Next three trainings will be carried out in other regions of Poland and those who participate will receive a starter’s toolkit for media literacy, consisting of typical case studies, list of experts, tips and examples of subjects, concerning utilizing modern technologies and online safety, that can be tackled by local media. 

The project is carried out thanks to Special Congressional Appropriation received by Fulbright Polska from the U.S. Department of State.