Murals: James W. Fulbright through images and words

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Fulbright Mural at the University of Wrocław - Let’s do it together!

As part of this year’s 60th anniversary of the Fulbright Program in Poland, selected Polish universities around the country will have their designated walls covered with captivating murals designed and painted by well-known artist Dariusz Paczkowski. The first mural will be painted at the University of Wrocław.

Through the unique style of street art, we wish to familiarize a wider audience with the founder of the largest U.S. program of academic and cultural exchange. Mural is a fantastic opportunity to do something together that will leave an imprint on the cityscape. Our goal is to engage the local community, the alumni of the Fulbright Program who live nearby, and passers by to participate in the process of painting this mural.

To cover the costs of creating the mural, we decided to set up a public fundraiser on Facebook. Raising the funds is one goal. The second one is to allow as many supporters of the Fulbright Program in Poland as possible to get involved in this project. Your participation in the project will be a unique chance to literally and figuratively leave your own mark on the wall of the building, and thus write yourself into the pages of the Fulbright Program’s history.

Facebook does not charge a commission – all collected funds will be used to cover the costs of creating this mural. 

Join the fundraiser

Each amount, even small, will allow us to show how many people support the Fulbright Program in Poland, and help us bring its values into Wrocław’s public space. 

Location of the mural

The first mural will be created on the University of Wrocław’s campus located in the historic center of Wrocław – the Old Town.

Dariusz Paczkowski

Co-founder of the group. Co-president of the Klamra Foundation. Grandson of the painter Franciszek Sasanowski. Vegetarian. Father to Kalina and Krzyś. Since 1987, he has been creating socially involved graffiti and street art. Designs installations and cuts templates. Forges signs and symbols in stone. Collaborator of many non-governmental organizations. A graduate of the Academy of Social Innovators. He is a co-creator and participant in many artistic, performative, and paratheatrical events. Organizer of nationwide and international jams and graffiti walks. He conducts workshops in Poland and in other countries.