Justyna Kozyra-Bober

Fulbright Programs & EducationUSA Manager

Justyna manages the Polish and U.S. Fulbright Program team and the EducationUSA Center at the Commission. She is an M.A. graduate of the University of Warsaw’s Institute of English Studies (linguistics and American studies), a Fulbright alumna (University of Texas at Austin, College of Education), and a World Fellowship recipient from Delta Kappa Gamma International for Key Women Educators. In the past, she has worked as a global language lead at Lionbridge Technologies, coordinating projects for Fortune 500 clients. Before that, she worked as a translator and editor for the Museum of the History of Polish Jews. She has written articles for The Wall Street Journal, Language Magazine: The Journal of Communication and Education, and Babel – The Language Magazine.

Currently Justyna is on maternity leave.

EducationUSA advising

  • High school exchanges
  • MBA
  • Law