Pandora White

Host institution: Poznań University of Life Sciences, Department of Human Nutrition and Hygiene

Grant category: U.S. Student
Project: Determining the mechanism by which chromium and bitter melon activates insulin signaling

Academic year: 2016-2017
Grant start date: October 1, 2016
Grant end date: June 30, 2017

I am a Chemistry Ph.D. Candidate at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. I received my undergraduate degree in chemistry from Alcorn State University in 2013. I have always been interested in the world and health. This desire has led me to pursue several opportunities to travel,research and study abroad. I am a 2012 Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholar (Ghana), 2013 participant of the National Institute on Health Minority Health and Health Disparities International Training Program (India), and a 2015 recipient of the National Science Foundation East Asia and Pacific Summer Institute fellowship (Taiwan). My dissertation research focuses on investigating potential health benefits of chromium (III) in vitro and in vivo. While in Poland I will be examining the potential health benefits of chromium (III) and bitter melon on type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance. My ultimate goal is to become a biomedical researcher. My favorite things are travelling, reading, cooking and laughing. I am looking forward to my Fulbright experience and to Poland. I will be blogging about the entire experience.

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