Timothy Beavers

Host institution: University of Warsaw, Faculty of Journalism and Political Science and Institute of International Relations

Grant category: English Teaching Assistant

Academic year: 2016-2017
Grant start date: October 1, 2016
Grant end date: June 30, 2017

My name is TJ Beavers, and I am from South Point, Ohio. I recently graduated summa cum laude from the Ohio State University (OSU) with a Bachelor of Science double majoring in Microbiology and Political Science and also minoring in Byzantine History. While attending OSU as an Eminence Fellow, I conducted microbiology research working to characterize and differentiate the microbiome of ruminants by host factors. Additionally, I served as a teaching assistant for the introductory microbiology lab courses, Service Chair for the Honors and Scholars Programming Board, Academics Chair for the Zeta Beta Tau fraternity, and as a student representative in both the student and university governments as well as the Undergraduate Studies Committee of the Political Science Department. My fascination of East European and particularly Polish politics and culture grew out of curiosity after attending a Polish-Canadian political reception while I was interning at the Parliament of Canada. I became particularly interested in Polish education and public health policies with public health becoming an even greater interest after studying similar policies while abroad in Japan. My interests in Poland and passion for teaching naturally led me to apply for the Fulbright ETA. After this experience, I plan to go on to law school to acquire a J.D. while also working to obtain a M.P.H. with the intention of working as a public health lawyer.