Reviewers 2020

The Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission would like to express its sincere gratitude to the pro-bono reviewers who have generously donated their time and expertise to the Polish Fulbright application review process. The independent application review process administered by the Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commission ensures that all applicants will be professionally evaluated on academic and scholarly criteria.

Application reviewers are carefully selected based on their knowledge and expertise within a specified area of study or discipline. Each application is reviewed by three independent subject matter experts. The reviewers are asked to read the application, evaluate its quality as well as candidate’s fit for the project, and ultimately provide their professional recommendation.

The work of reviewers is vital to the success of the Fulbright program as they ensure a professional, fair, and competitive selection of Polish Fulbright grantees. Through their contribution, the reviewers not only support the international academic development of Polish researchers and lecturers but also have the opportunity to be exposed to ongoing projects in their field.

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No. of reviewers
No. of reviews
Countries represented
Prof. Marek AbramowiczGöteborg UniversitySweden
Dr hab. inż. Wojciech AdamczykSilesian University of TechnologyPoland
Dr Senay AgcaGeorge Washington UniversityUSA
Dr hab. Paulina AmbrożyAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Prof. Lian AnUniversity of North FloridaUSA
Dr Hina AshrafGeorgetown UniversityUSA
Dr hab. inż. Robert AstPoznan University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Chad Austin US Air Force AcademyUSA
Prof. Adam BabińskiUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Anna BaćWroclaw University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Arjun BagchiIndian Institute of Technology KanpurIndia
Dr İlhan Bahşi Gaziantep UniversityTurkey
Prof. Janice BaileyFonds de recherche du Québec en Nature et TechnologiesCanada
Dr Jacek BajMedical University of LublinPoland
Prof. Bogusław Leszek BakułaAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Prof. Tomas BalezentisLithuanian Institute of Agrarian EconomicsLithuania
Dr Amandine BarbUniversity of GöttingenGermany
Dr hab. Mariusz BarczakMaria Curie-Sklodowska University Poland
Prof. Christopher BardtRhode Island School of DesignUSA
Dr Roann BarrisRadford UniversityUSA
Mr Wiesław BartkowskiSWPS UniversityPoland
Prof. Krystyna BartolAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr Seth BaumGlobal Catastrophic Risk InstituteUSA
Prof. Ryszard BiałeckiUniversity of Silesia in KatowicePoland
Dr hab. Ilona Biernacka-LigięzaMaria Curie-Sklodowska University Poland
Dr hab. inż. Katarzyna BłażewskaŁódź University of TechnologyPoland
Dr hab. Monika BobakoAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr hab. Beata BochorodyczAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr Benjamin BooneCalifornia State University-FresnoUSA
Dr hab. Aneta BorkowskaMaria Curie-Sklodowska University Poland
Dr Tomasz BorkowskiMedical University of GdanskPoland
Dr Joanna BorowczykŁódź University of TechnologyPoland
Dr Witold BorysiakUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Sara BrancoUniversity of Colorado-DenverUSA
Dr Luisa BravoCity Space ArchitectureItaly
Dr Ewa BrągoszewskaSilesian University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Bogusław BrodaUniversity of LodzPoland
Dr Siraprapa BrooksMae Fah Luang UniversityThailand
Dr William BrownState University of New York at FredoniaUSA
Dr Michael BrownUniversity of Maryland-College ParkUSA
Dr Robert BrunswigUniversity of Northern ColoradoUSA
Dr Karolina BrylskaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Kate BuchananDeakin UniversityAustralia
Dr Katarzyna BugajFlorida State UniversityUSA
Mr Piotr BujakTama Art UniversityJapan
Prof. Zuzana BurivalovaUniversity of WisconsinUSA
Dr Mary BurrowsMontana State UniversityUSA
Prof. Jill BystydzienskiOhio State UniversityUSA
Dr Jennifer CahnUniversity of Texas-Rio Grande ValleyUSA
Prof. Robert CaswellOhio State UniversityUSA
Prof. Bandana ChatterjeeUniversity of Texas Health Science CenterUSA
Dr Karol Chwedczuk-SzulcUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr David ClamanLehman CollegeUSA
Dr Maria CoadyUniversity of FloridaUSA
Prof. Nicoleta CorbuNational University of Political Studies and Public AdministrationRomania
Dr Ineke Hendrika Martine CrezeeAuckland University of TechnologyZealand
Dr Radim ČtvrtlíkInstitute of Physics, Czech Academy of SciencesCzech Republic
Dr hab. Robert CzajkowskiIntercollegiate Faculty of Biotechnology UG&MUGPoland
Dr hab. Krzysztof CzeczotŁódź Film SchoolPoland
Mr Mik CzerwinskiUniversity of Illinois at ChicagoUSA
Dr Grażyna CzetwertyńskaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Małgorzata CzudakAcademy of Fine Arts in ŁódźPoland
Dr Robert CzuldaUniversity of LodzPoland
Dr Marton DemeterNational University of Public ServiceHungary
Dr hab. Justyna Deszcz-TryhubczakUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr hab. Łukasz DębowskiInstitute of Computer Science PASPoland
Dr Lisabeth DiLallaSouthern Illinois University School of MedicineUSA
Dr hab. Tanya DimovaInstitute of Biology and Immunology of Reproduction, Bulgarian Academy of SciencesBulgaria
Dr Zbigniew DługoszUniversity of Economics in KrakowPoland
Dr hab. Wojciech DraganUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Wojciech DrągUniversity of WroclawPoland
Prof. Renata DuchnowskaMilitary Institute of MedicinePoland
Prof. Krystyna DuniecInstitute of Art. PASPoland
Dr Jacek DybińskiJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Gretchen Edwalds-GilbertClaremont McKenna CollegeUSA
Prof. Hany ElgalaUniversity at AlbanyUSA
Dr Mary ErdmansCase Western Reserve UniversityUSA
Prof. Nestor EvmorfopoulosUniversity of ThessalyGreece
Dr Marya FanceyUniversity of North Carolina-GreensboroUSA
Prof. Kamal FatehiKennesaw State UniversityUSA
Prof. Maryann Feldman University of North Carolina-Chapel HIllUSA
Prof. Radosław FiedlerAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Prof. Dorota Folga-Januszewska Academy of Fine Arts in WarszawaPoland
Dr hab. Wit ForyśJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Jennifer FowlerBelmont UniversityUSA
Dr Glen FoxUniversity of QueenslandAustralia
Dr Oceana FrancisUniversity of Hawaii at ManoaUSA
Dr hab. Ida Franiak-PietrygaMedical University of LodzPoland
Dr David FranzenNorth Dakota State UniversityUSA
Dr hab. Paweł FrelikUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Mirosław FurmanekUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr hab. Katarzyna Gajlewicz-KorabUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Anna GambinUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Brygida GasztoldKoszalin University of TechnologyPoland
Dr hab. Izabela GatkowskaJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr John GirardMiddle Georgia State UniversityUSA
Dr David GlickBoston UniversityUSA
Dr hab. Michał GłowackiUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Greta GoberStockholm UniversitySweden
Dr Ardian GojaniBAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and TestingGermany
Dr Karolina GolabUniversity of ChicagoUSA
Dr David GoldsmithThe New School USA
Dr Katarzyna GolikInstitute of Political Studies PASPoland
Prof. Oriol Gomis-BellmuntPolytechnic University of CataloniaSpain
Dr hab. Elżbieta GorczycaJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Adam GorczyńskiAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr hab. Sebastian GórecznyPolish Mother’s Memorial Hospital Research InstitutePoland
Dr Maria GórnaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Mr Antoni GórnyUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Magdalena GrabowskaInstitute of Pholosophy and Sociology PASPoland
Dr hab. Kacper GradońUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Emily GrebleVanderbilt UniversityUSA
Prof. Janusz GrebowiczUniversity of Houston-DowntownUSA
Dr Kathleen GreenhamUniversity of MinnesotaUSA
Dr Jorge GrossmannIthaca CollegeUSA
Prof. Andrzej GrudkaAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr Łukasz GrzejdziakUniversity of LodzPoland
Dr hab. Katarzyna Joanna GrzybczykUniversity of Silesia in KatowicePoland
Ms Kaja GrzywaczewskaMcKinsey & CompanyUSA
Dr Izabela GutowskaOregon State UniversityUSA
Dr hab. Damian GuzekUniversity of Silesia in KatowicePoland
Dr Monika HanulakAcademy of Fine Arts in WarszawaPoland
Dr Michał HapkaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Deon HeffingtonUniversidad de Quintana RooMexico
Prof. Raphael HeibergerUniversity of StuttgartGermany
Dr Krzysztof HermanWarsaw University of Life SciencesPoland
Dr Jose Miguel Hernandez LobatoUniversity of CambridgeGreat Britain
Dr hab. Agnieszka HeszenJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Krzysztof HoffmannAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Mr Alexander D HoppeUniversity of PennsylvaniaUSA
Mr Asa HorvitzDAS Arts AmsterdamThe Netherlands
Dr Pamela HowlandIndependent Music PerformerUSA
Dr Maung HtayRadford UniversityUSA
Dr Jonathon HutchinsonUniversity of SydneyAustralia
Prof. Sundararaj IyengarFlorida International UniversityUSA
Dr Jakub JakubowskiAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr hab. Michał JanochaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr inż. Marta JarczewskaWarsaw University of TechnologyPoland
Dr Ewa JaroszInstitute of Pholosophy and Sociology PASPoland
Dr hab. Jarosław JarząbekUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr hab. Agnieszka JastrzębskaWarsaw University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Dariusz JemielniakKozminski UniversityPoland
Dr Edward JohnsImperial College LondonGreat Britain
Prof. Robert J JohnstonClark UniversityUSA
Dr Philip JordanJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthUSA
Dr hab. Anna Jupowicz-GinalskaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Pietari KaapaUniversity of WarwickGreat Britain
Dr David KaliszParis School of BusinessFrance
Dr Dariusz KalocińskiInstitute of Computer Science PASPoland
Mr Leonard KamerlingUniversity of AlaskaUSA
Ms Aleksandra KamińskaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Łukasz KamińskiUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr Adam KarbowskiWarsaw School of EconomicsPoland
Dr hab. Magdalena KasprowiczWroclaw University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Rupam KatakiTezpur University India
Dr Marcin KautschJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Ravi KittappaUniversity of California-BerkeleyUSA
Ms Zofia KlajsGraphic designerPoland
Dr Agnieszka Klimkowicz-PawlasInstitute of Soil Science and Plant CultivationPoland
Dr Jacek KlosUniversity of Maryland-College ParkUSA
Ms Katarzyna Kluczykowska-MoeckelJuilliard SchoolPoland and USA
Dr hab. Anna KłonkowskaUniversity of GdanskPoland
Prof. Burkhard KoenigUniversity of RegensburgGermany
Dr Daniel KontowskiUniversity of TyumenRussia
Prof. Marek KornatInstitute of History PASPoland
Dr Jakub KornhauserJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr hab. Grzegorz KośćUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Ilona Kotlewska-WaśJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr hab. Michał KracikAcademy of Fine Arts in KrakówPoland
Dr Karolina KremensUniversity of WroclawPoland
Mr Mateusz KrólUniversity of Silesia in KatowicePoland
Ms Karolina KubikUniversity of The Arts PoznanPoland
Dr Karolina KulickaUniversity of BuffaloUSA
Dr hab. inż. Jakub KupeckiInstitute of Power EngineeringPoland
Dr Anna KurowickaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Matthew KurtzWesleyan UniversityUSA
Dr Michał KuśUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr Illia KuznietsovLesya Ukrainka Eastern European National UniversityUkraine
Mr Krystian KwiecińskiWarsaw University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Brent LagesseUniversity of Washington BothellUSA
Prof. Andrew LatimerUniversity of California-DavisUSA
Dr Elizabeth LeflerUniversity of Northern IowaUSA
Prof. Janusz LewińskiWarsaw University of TechnologyPoland
Dr Lundy LewisSouthern New Hampshire UniversityUSA
Dr Hui-Ling LiaoUniversity of FloridaUSA
Dr Olga LinkiewiczInstitute of History PASPoland
Dr Magdalena LipnickaJohn Paul II Catholic University of LublinPoland
Prof. Michael L. LittmanBrown UniversityUSA
Dr hab. Anna LobaAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Prof. Caezilia LoiblOhio State UniversityUSA
Prof. Piotr LorensGdansk University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Graham Johan LouwUniversity of Cape TownRepublic of South Africa
Dr Dave LuvisonLoyola University MarylandUSA
Dr Joasia LuzakUniversity of ExeterGreat Britain
Dr Thomas LyonsUniversity of Tennessee-ChattanoogaUSA
Dr hab. Ewa Barbara ŁuczakUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Michał ŁuszczukMaria Curie-Sklodowska University Poland
Dr Marta ŁysikUniversity of WroclawPoland
Mr Colin MacGregorRhode Island School of DesignUSA
Prof. Pawel MackiewiczUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr hab. Katarzyna MaćkowskaJohn Paul II Catholic University of LublinPoland
Dr hab. Izabella MainAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr Krzysztof MajerUniversity of LodzPoland
Prof. dr hab. inż. Mariusz MamińskiWarsaw University of Life SciencesPoland
Dr Karolina ManiaJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr hab. Urszula Marcinkowska-TrimboliJagiellonian University Medical CollegePoland
Prof. Andrei MarmorCornell UniversityUSA
Prof. Jesús Marugán-LobónUnievrsidad Autónoma de MadridSpain
Prof. Ana MarusicUniversity of Split School of MedicineCroatia
Ms Katarzyna MatlakRhode Island School of Design Poland and USA
Ms Lydia MatthewsThe New SchoolUSA
Dr Ilona MatysiakMaria Grzegorzewska UniversityPoland
Dr Krystyna MazurUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Tristram McPhersonOhio State UniversityUSA
Dr Christopher MellingerUniversity of North Carolina-CharlotteUSA
Dr hab. Grzegorz MicekJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr hab. Ryszard MichalakUniversity of Zielona GoraPoland
Prof. dr hab. Henryk MichalewskiUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Kalina MichalskaUniversity of California-RiversideUSA
Dr Jacek MikuckiUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Marcin MilkowskiInstitute of Pholosophy and Sociology PASPoland
Dr Tony MilliganKing's College LondonGreat Britain
Dr hab. Izabela MironowiczGdansk University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. dr hab. Jacek MirońskiWarsaw School of EconomicsPoland
Prof. Anil MisraUniversity of KansasUSA
Prof. L. Monika MoskalUniversity of WashingtonUSA
Dr hab. Adrianna MostowskaMedical University of PoznanPoland
Dr Karol MurlakPratt InstituteUSA
Prof. Usha Nair-ReichertGeorgia Institute of TechnologyUSA
Dr Paulina NalewajkoSWPS UniversityPoland
Prof. Ståle NavrudNorwegian University of Life SciencesNorway
Dr hab. Ewa NawrockaJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Prof. John NezlekSWPS University and College of William & MaryPoland and USA
Dr hab. Monika NiwelińskaAcademy of Fine Arts in KrakówPoland
Dr Róża NorströmUniversity of Silesia in KatowicePoland
Prof. Maciek NowakLoyola University ChicagoUSA
Prof. Wiesław NowakNicolaus Copernicus UniversityPoland
Dr hab. Joanna Nowakowska-MałuseckaUniversity of Silesia in KatowicePoland
Ms Agata NowickaGraphic designerPoland
Ppłk dr inż. Piotr NygaMilitary University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Konrad OsajdaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Rafał OstrowskiInstitute of Hydro-Engineering PASPoland
Dr Alessia PaccagniniUniversity College DublinIreland
Dr hab. Radosław PalonkaJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Deepak PantFlemish Institute for Technological ResearchBelgium
Prof. Halina ParafianowiczUniversity of BialystokPoland
Prof. Robert ParkUniversity of SydneyAustralia
Dr hab. Magdalena Parlińska-WojtanInstitute of Nuclear Physics PASPoland
Dr Jacek PartykaUniversity of BialystokPoland
Dr Mariusz PawlakNicolaus Copernicus UniversityPoland
Prof. Malgorzata PeszynskaOregon State UniversityUSA
Dr Terry F. Pettijohn IICoastal Carolina UniversityUSA
Dr Fred Phillips University of New MexicoUSA
Dr Magdalena PiechotaMaria Curie-Sklodowska University Poland
Dr hab. Jana PieriegudWarsaw School of EconomicsPoland
Prof. dr hab. inż. Marcin PietrzykowskiUniversity of Agriculture in KrakowPoland
Dr hab. Jakub PigońUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr hab. Grzegorz PiotrowskiUniversity of GdanskPoland
Prof. David PlunkettDartmouth CollegeUSA
Dr Katarzyna PogodaInstitute of Nuclear Physics PASPoland
Dr Ewa PoławskaInstitute of Genetics and Animal Biotechnology PASPoland
Dr Kamil PopowiczUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Paulina PospiesznaAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Ms Izabela PragerLatham & WatkinsGreat Britain
Dr hab. Daniel ProchowiczInstitute of Physical Chemistry PASPoland
Dr Katarzyna PrzybyłaCollegium CivitasPoland
Dr hab. Agnieszka PrzystańskaMedical University of PoznanPoland
Dr Alicja PuścianNencki Institute of Experimental BiologyPoland
Dr hab. Magdalena Radkowska-WalkowiczUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Katarzyna Radzik-MaruszakMaria Curie-Sklodowska University Poland
Dr Gabriela RembarzGdansk University of TechnologyPoland
Dr Magdalena Ewa RembezaGdansk University of TechnologyPoland
Dr Katarzyna RomańczykUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Jerzy RozenblitUniversity of ArizonaUSA
Dr Monika RybczakGdansk Maritime UniversityPoland
Dr Przemysław RydygierMerit Automotive Electronic SystemsUSA
Dr Karina Sachpazidu-WójcickaUniversity of BialystokPoland
Ms Katarzyna SadrakUniversity of HeidelbergUSA
Ms Magdalena SasUniversity of Wisconsin-MadisonUSA
Mr Jonas SchneiderDaedalusUSA
Ms Julia SeeholzerMusicianUSA
Prof. Eric SeiberOhio State UniversityUSA
Prof. Chirag ShahUniversity of Illinois Urbana-ChampaignUSA
Dr Kevin ShaughnessyUniversity of AlabamaUSA
Dr Michał SierakowskiUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Manuel SimõesUniversity of PortoPortugal
Dr hab. Izabela SitkiewiczNational Medicines InstitutePoland
Dr hab. Zbigniew SiudakJan Kochanowski UniversityPoland
Ms Zuzanna Skalska360 InspirationThe Netherlands
Dr Rafał SkibaUniversity of GenevaSwitzerland
Ms Katarzyna SkórzyńskaFashion designerPoland
Dr Aga SkrodzkaClemson UniversityUSA
Ms Joanna SochaW InsightPoland
Prof. Werner SommerHumboldt-University at BerlinGermany
Dr hab. Michał StangelSilesian University of TechnologyPoland
Dr Amelia StaszowskaLublin University of TechnologyPoland
Mr Tomasz SteiferInstitute of Fundamental Technological Research PASPoland
Dr hab. Ewa Stodolak-ZychAGH University of Science and TechnologyPoland
Prof. Adam SulkowskiBabson CollegeUSA
Prof. Guntima SuwannapongBurapha UniversityThailand
Prof. Edward SweeneyAston UniversityGreat Britain
Dr Trevor SweeneyUniversity of CambridgeGreat Britain
Dr Heather Szabo-RogersUniversity of PittsburghUSA
Dr hab. Witold SzaflarskiMedical University of PoznanPoland
Dr Weronika Szczawińskaleksander Zelwerowicz National Academy of Dramatic Art in WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Jakub SzczerbowskiFinancial Ombudsman, SWPS UniversityPoland
Dr hab. Dariusz SzostekUniversity of OpolePoland
Dr Agnieszka Anna Sztoldman University of WroclawPoland
Prof. Melanie SzulczewskiUniversity of Mary WashingtonUSA
Dr hab. Jan SzumskiInstitute for the History of Science PASPoland
Dr Joanna SzymajdaUniversity of LodzPoland
Dr Agnieszka ŚmieszekWroclaw University of Environmental and Life SciencesPoland
Dr hab. Marek ŚwierczyńskiCardinal Wyszyński University in WarsawPoland
Dr Mateusz ŚwietlickiUniversity of WroclawPoland
Prof. Tomasz TaylorNortheastern UniversityUSA
Dr Candace TenBrinkUniversity of Houston-DowntownUSA
Dr Panagiotis TheodorouMartin Luther University Halle-WittenbergGermany
Prof. Helen ThomasSt. Vincent’s Institute of Medical ResearchAustralia
Dr Elisabet TiseliusStockholm UniversitySweden
Prof. Jerzy TiurynUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Anna TofilukWarsaw University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Vladimir TominPomeranian University in SlupskPoland
Dr Martino TranUniversity of British ColumbiaCanada
Dr Agnieszka TurłoUniversity of LiverpoolGreat Britain
Mr Baron TymasNorth Carolina Central UniversityUSA
Prof. dr hab. Jakub TyszkiewiczUniversity of WroclawPoland
Dr hab. Tomasz UchaczJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Marta UsiekniewiczUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Zbigniew UstrnulJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Ea Hoeg UtoftDanish Centre for Studies in Research and Research PolicyDenmark
Mr Andrius VaišnysVilnius UniversityLithuania
Dr Nico van den BrinkWageningen UniversityThe Netherlands
Dr Edwin van der PolAmsterdam University Medical CentersThe Netherlands
Prof. David van DijkYale UniversityUSA
Prof. Kris Van HeuckelomUniversity of LeuvenBelgium
Prof. Tom VerstratenVrije Universiteit BrusselBelgium
Prof. Satish VittaIndian Institute of Technology BombayIndia
Dr Howard WaitzkinUniversity of New MexicoUSA
Dr hab. Marcin WaligóraJagiellonian University Medical CollegePoland
Prof. dr hab. Jacek WalukInstitute of Physical Chemistry PASPoland
Dr Tetsuya WatanabeUniversity of NiigataJapan
Prof. Laura WaythSan Francisco State UniversityUSA
Dr Anne-Marie Weber-ElżanowskaUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Jakob WegenerHohen Neuendorf Bee Research InstituteGermany
Prof. Alexander WeiPurdue UniversityUSA
Dr William Francis WempeTexas Christian UniversityUSA
Prof. Elżbieta WesołowskaAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Prof. Marek WilczyńskiUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Petra WinnetteNatama Institute for Family Care DevelopmentCzech Republic
Dr hab. Anna Witeska-MłynarczykUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Justyna Ewa WłodarczykUniversity of WarsawPoland
Prof. Nathaniel WoodUniversity of KansasUSA
Dr hab. Małgorzata WrońskaInstitute of History PASPoland
Dr hab. Jakub WróblewskiAcademy of Fine Arts in WarszawaPoland
Prof. Andrzej WróblewskiUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr hab. Agnieszka WypychJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr Jian YangUniversity of KentuckyUSA
Ms Adrianna ZabrzewskaInstitute of Pholosophy and Sociology PASPoland
Dr hab. Artur ZagułaŁódź University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Janusz ZalewskiFlorida Gulf Coast UniversityUSA
Prof. Leszek ZasztowtUniversity of WarsawPoland
Dr Mateusz ZawadzkiGdansk University of TechnologyPoland
Prof. Jarosław ZawadzkiWarsaw University of TechnologyPoland
Ms Kathryn ZazenskiStroboskop Art SpacePoland and USA
Dr Marek ZdaniewiczUniversity of Agriculture in KrakowPoland
Prof. Wiesław Szczepan ZiajaJagiellonian UniversityPoland
Dr hab. Agata ZiętekMaria Curie-Sklodowska University Poland
Dr hab. Grzegorz ZiółkowskiAdam Mickiewicz University in PoznanPoland
Dr hab. Jacek ZrałekUniversity of Silesia in KatowicePoland