Sandra Hanson Fulbright

Sandra Hanson


Fulbright is a window into the world, and this world for me began in Kraków, Poland.

Jacek Koziel Fulbright

Jacek Koziel


If you are still on the fence whether to apply or not, I would HIGHLY encourage you to apply. You will change lives over there, you will change your home institution, Fulbright will change you.

Pamela Howland Fulbright

Pamela Howland


Because of the great flexibility of the Fulbright Program, I was able to do everything that I had hoped to: teaching about American music and culture, continuing my research on the great Polish pianist and composer Fryderyk Chopin in his homeland, and performing concerts.

Stephen Baskerville Fulbright

Stephen Baskerville


I felt very appreciated. I’ve grown very much in my abilities, and my interests. and I’m very grateful for this experience.


Jadwiga Giebułtowicz


It was very productive to work with my Polish colleagues at the University of Warsaw and we made many interesting discoveries.

Chad Austin Fulbright

Chad Austin


My time in Poland was one of the best chapters of my life. Amazing people, wonderful students, great colleagues as part of the Fulbright Program, and I already miss it a lot.

Luis A. Rios Hernandez Fulbright

Luis A. Ríos Hernández


The reality of living outside the U.S., and learning to enjoy every day while observing each and every cultural difference was priceless.

Betty Houchin Winfield Fulbright

Betty Houchin Winfield


Our lives were indeed enriched by this Fulbright experience.

Melinda R. Pierson Fulbright

Melinda R. Pierson


When I arrived as a Fulbright Scholar, it was clear that progress had been made because of our involvement and that the door was open for me to assist in the development of innovative programs.

Zain Khalpey Fulbright

Zain Khalpey


The architecture that Fulbright has built creates a wonderful opportunity for collaboration.

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