The passing of Dr. Andrzej Ceynowa, University of Gdańsk professor

  • Aleksandra Szaniawska
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dr hab Andrzej Ceynowa, prof UG zdjęcie


We are deeply saddened by the passing of Dr. Andrzej Ceynowa, American Studies and literary scholar, professor at the University of Gdańsk, a two-time recipient of the Fulbright grant. In 2002-2008, prof. Andrzej Ceynowa was the Rector of the University of Gdańsk and in 2008-2016, he was the Dean of the newly created Faculty of Languages at the University of Gdańsk. He received his first Fulbright grant to Yale University and City College of New York (1981-82) and then to George Washington University (1989-90). We express our sincere condolences to Professor’s close ones. He will remain in our loving memory.