Two freedoms – two independences. Joint initiative of “Czas Kultury” and Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commmission

Two freedoms – two independences. Joint initiative of “Czas Kultury” and Polish-U.S. Fulbright Commmission

In 2019, we will be celebrating at least two important anniversaries for Polish-American relations: the centenary of their existence and the 60th anniversary of the Fulbright Scholarship Program in Poland. What’s more, the planned issue of the “Czas Kultury” (2019, No. 3) deliberately wants to enter with a certain delay in celebrating the centenary of Polish independence. We are interested in non-casual interpretations that are separated by a step or two from the news policy, in texts that will not be fragmentary. At the same time, we assume that the issue, which according to the publishing calendar will appear shortly before the 101st anniversary of independence, will allow some kind of summary – temporary by necessity – of the past century.

We are looking for texts addressing the issues of freedom and independence in the broadly understood comparative perspective, assuming a look at Poland and the USA. On the one hand, these anniversaries encourage to deal with the issue from the transcultural (and transcontinental) perspective; on the other, the model of freedom in the United States has become a paradigmatic case for many discourses and as such can serve as a constantly questioned touchstone.

Therefore, we encourage you to face these two slogans-concepts (“freedom”, “independence”) in texts that will turn into case studies, as well as propose cross-sectional views. We expect articles that, while maintaining the standards of scientific reliability, will at the same time be directed to the reader from outside the expert field of the Authors.

“Czas Kultury” is a scientific periodical listed on the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education list B with 12 points. All texts will go through the reviewing process in the double blind system. The expected size of the text is 21-25 thousand characters (about half a publishing sheet).

Proposals of topics with a short summary (up to 1000 characters) should be sent by September 1st. Information about acceptance or rejection of the proposal will be sent around September 10th. We will be expecting the final versions of the texts until January 1st, 2019.

There will be two versions of the magazine: in Polish and English. All texts will be translated.

The editor-in-chief of the issue is Krzysztof Hoffmann (executive editor of “Czas Kultury” / Fulbright Slavic Award 2014 / Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan). Proposals and any questions should be directed to the e-mail address: krzysztof.hoffmann[@]